Enerbras Enershower Instant Shower 4T – Salty and Fresh Water

Enerbras Enershower Instant showers in Nairobi, Kenya at discounted prices. Delivered to your location Countrywide. For Both Fresh and Salty water

Features & Specs

  • It has a 15cm wide diameter and uniform water jet that provides maximum shower pleasure
  • Suitable for  borehole and fresh water
  • Has 4 temperature ranges to choose from (OFF/Cold, Low, Medium, Very Hot)
  • Available in white, blue, orange and white
  • Energy efficiency (yield) greater than 95%.
  • Buy more than 5 Pcs at Lower Rates

Features & Specs

Enerbras Enershower Instant Showerhead: SAFETY

Enershower instant shower head from Quick Stores has grounding system has capture points at the entry and exit of water. Leakage current in water less than 5mA*.

*When the water has a minimum resistivity of 1,300? cm at 22ºC.

Suitable for working safely at pressures of up to 40 meters of water column (400kPa).

Conductors with 50cm, enabling electrical connection inside the junction box, eliminating visible seams. Mechanism designed with a damping system, featuring longer contact life.

Salty water compatible

Practicality & Power


Simplified resistance exchange system, through coupled support.

Does not use rubber seal ring.

Illustrated step-by-step installation and operation manual.


Double heating chamber, ensuring greater safety and energy efficiency.

Energy efficiency (yield) greater than 95%.


220V 4,500W // 6,800W

Pricing and Delivery

This a Limited time offer for  the skating gear

Price Before @ Ksh. 6,000
Offer Price @ Ksh. 3,499

About Delivery

When you order, We’ll Contact You To Arrange For Delivery. Any Orders Made before 4 p.m are Shipped or delivered same-day. Later than that, Next day.

Delivery fee

We offer same-day delivery within Nairobi Metropolitan .

Delivery fee Outside Nairobi Metropolitan Varies depending on your location. The Other Amount is paid after Delivery at G4S Office.


PARCEL FEE = Ksh.  300  – Ksh. 500

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